Simple Tips and Tricks for LoL Players

LoL can be considered the clone of Dota. If you want to win in League of Legends, you should learn the basics. However, not all guides are clear and concise. Are you looking for the simple tips on how to play LoL because you have great plans to become a LoL bettor on Then, don't waste time and follow the tips below.

Tips for LoL Players

Check whether you know everything about LoL or there is still something to learn about.

  • “The meaning of the game” is simple: there are 3 lines, on the side lines, there are two people, in the middle, there is one man. On the line - two guns, which must be filled up. After that, fill up the cannon on the base and the base itself. The guns are very evil, your task is to help your creeps to fill up the guns, and not to do it yourself. At first, people farm creeps and try to kill each other. At the 6th level, group fights begin.
  • The main thing is to notice that the team switched to group fights. Continuing farm creeps at this time will lead to two things: 1) someone else’s team will come running and kill you, 2) your team will lose 4 in 5 in a fight.
  • During the group part of the game, it is useful to run along the lines during the respite and kill the crowds of enemies with one blow and then go back. Try not to run into a crowd of enemies.
  • Do not die. For your death, enemies are given money. The amount is relatively large. And they "take away" your experience and money (which you could have received while lying dead). The logic is simple: if the enemy is better than you in terms of the game, then you give him the resources and make him even stronger. If the enemy is worse than you, then you can kill him another time, and by risking, you give him the resources and make him stronger. If you are just starting to play, then without dying, you are helping your team win.
  • Declare MIA. Mia (missing in action) indicates that the enemy from your line somewhere gone. “Mia top”, “mia mid” and “mia bot” show which line exactly. If the enemy is gone, then there is a chance that he quietly sneaks to another line in order to arrange a 3-on-2 battle there.
  • Do your best to avoid being under the gun. The guns first attack the creeps in sight, then the heroes (you). But if you are within range of a cannon attacking an enemy hero, the gun will immediately switch to you. The gun kills the hero almost instantly. Therefore, do not meddle with enemy guns, even if there is a hero with 1% lives under them. Diving under guns is called tower dive, and cool players constantly do it. But they know what they are doing.

How to select a hero

When selecting heroes, there are keywords by which heroes can be sorted. The most frequent are written on the left with checkboxes. "Recommended" - the most simple and recommended. It is almost always the best choice. You can also advise "ranged" and "heal". The description of the characters indicates the difficulty of the game to them. As a rule, it is adequate. Choose easy or medium.