Types of Basketball Bets - Tournaments, Leagues, Championships

In basketball, any bookmaker offers different types of bets. After all, you can make bets on almost everything: on tournaments, leagues, championships. Bookmakers offer to bet on tournaments of World and European Championships, and even on the Olympic Games. Learn more about types of bets to bet successfully. Check https://gobasketbet.com/ if you are going to bet on basketball.

The Most Popular Types of Basketball Bets

Check the most popular types of bets:

  • Team Winning Betting
  • Betting odds with Handicap
  • Betting on TOTAL - Less / More
  • Bet on the victory in the first quarter;
  • Bet on winning the first half;
  • Bet on winning a tournament, league, championship.

Betting on Victory

This bet will be won if the team for which the bet was created wins. Sometimes, but not in every bookmaker office, a bet in basketball is considered a draw. In this case, this rate goes into the classic "three-way".

Betting on Total

In this bet, one need to name the closest values of points, which will gather two teams together. This threshold is set by the bookmaker. And the coefficient in this kind of rates is almost always equal.

Check the following options:

  • When receiving the total number of points for a match more than 160 - the more bid wins;
  • If the resulting number of points for the match played is lower than 160, then the less bid won;
  • In the same case, when the total number of points will be equal to 160, this means that the bet has not played, and the money will be returned.

Betting on those who won on the results of the 1st quarter

This bet will play after the results of the first quarter of the game become known. In addition, bookmakers can set odds for bets, taking into account the odds and totals for the first quarter results.

Betting on those who won in the 1st half

Just like the previous bet, the winning bets are determined after how the game is played between the teams in the first half.

Bet on those who will win a league, a championship, or a tournament

In this bet, the result will be clear at the very end of the competition, whether it be a league, a championship or a tournament. Also, the payment on this rate will be made after the end of a season so that the results of the games of each team in particular are known. Odds that were set at the beginning of the season may vary during all games, but payments will be made on the odds that were placed on bets.