BCMF is delighted to share the story of Naut Naut, one of our patients. Naut Naut was born on August 1, 2011 with pneumonia, respiratory failure, and obstructive jaundice due to biliary atresia (liver duct blockage). Unable to care for a sick infant, her parents abandoned her at the hospital and she was referred to BCMF in September 2011. After undergoing treatment at Chiang Mai Hospital in Thailand, Naut Naut is now a healthy, happy baby girl with a family. Watch her story here: Naut Naut’s Journey.


Wah_F26_pelvic mass

Wah was 26 years old and she sought treatment for a large mass in her pelvic region. She had actually travelled to the Mae Tao Clinic to accompany her mother who had failing health (and who sadly passed away soon after arriving). Since she was at the Clinic anyway, Wah decided to have the mass looked at. She’s now successfully undergone treatment for her condition and is no longer in any pain.  Continue reading

Wai Yan Kyaw (Thalassaemia)

Wai Yan Kyaw came onto the BCMF program in 2010 after being referred to the program by Dr. Ana from Australia (who was volunteering at the Mae Tao Clinic). He was the first case of Thalassaemia that BCMF had taken on and treated. Wai Yan Kyaw’s journey is inspirational and the positive outcome has paved the way for other children with this blood disorder to be treated. Continue reading