Burma Adult Medical Fund

Since its foundation, BCMF has expanded beyond the treatment of children in recognition of the need for specialized medical care for adults. While the majority of our patients are children, we have two additional auxiliary programs, the Burma Adult Medical Fund (BAMF) and the Burma Women Medical Fund (BWMF).

Previously, BCMF focused on treating children, often the most vulnerable members of society and the ones who have the most living to do. However, over the years it has become evident that BCMF has the potential to also have an impact by treating special adult cases (often young adults with families) who would die prematurely or who would have severely incapacitated lives without treatment.

BAMF was established to treat special adult cases that will respond well to surgery or treatment.  Every year BCMF has seen an increase in patients of all ages and demand always outpaces the available resources.  Adults who are strong, healthy, and able to work can better maintain households and make positive contributions to their communities. We see many adult patients with health problems related to living and working in an unsafe environment. Others have congenital conditions that they have lived with their whole lives without realizing it. We treat adults with a wide variety of conditions including heart disease, urological and kidney conditions, cancer, severe burns, and gastrointestinal conditions.