Burma Children Medical Fund (BCMF)

BCMF funds the treatment of many conditions including congenital heart disease; hydrocephalusimperforate anus; retinoblastoma; meningocele; club foot; hypospadias, Hirschprung’s disease; and we have recently piloted the treatment of a young boy with thalassaemia.

Burma Adult Medical Fund (BAMF)

BAMF was set up to treat special adult cases who present at the Mae Tao Clinic and are afflicted with a condition that can be corrected with minor surgery or specialised treatment in Chiang Mai. Improving the quality of life of a primary caregiver and provider has a direct impact on the lives of children and families. Though we have limited funding for adult cases, conditions we treat include:  rheumatic heart disease; constrictive pericarditis; nasal polyps; landmine injuries; injuries due to accidents; gastrointestinal problems and benign tumours.

Burma Women’s Medical Fund (BWMF)

We are currently in the process of formally establishing the Burma Women’s Medical Fund to resolve the debilitating but basic gynaecological conditions of women from Burma. This is a new project and we are currently seeking funding to expand the program to enable us to take on more cases. We have successfully trialed this project and funded a number of women with conditions such as: uterine prolapse; uterine mass; ovarian cyst and women who have sustained damage to their birth canal such as vaginal and vaginal-rectal fistulas.

These successful cases have shown us that treating these women not only improves their physical health dramatically but positively impacts on their children and family’s health, education and development. Women’s roles in the welfare and development of children and the care and support of elderly and vulnerable members of the family make them central to maintaining strong, stable families and communities.