Adult cases which require urgent funding:

Name: Ma Think Khing
Age: 18
Condition: Rheumatic Heart Disease/Hernia
Estimated cost: 200,000 Thai baht
Details: Ma Think Khing comes from a village near Mandalay, Burma. Her father works as a farmer and her mother sells vegetables from a large container which she balances on her head. Combined, the family struggle to earn US$2 a day. Some days they earn nothing. When Ma Think Khing was thirteen years old, she had a puffy face and an accumulation of fluid beneath the skin in her abdomen. Before this, she suffered from severe joint pain and she could not walk. Her belly button started to grow and it developed into an umbilical hernia. Unable to afford treatment in Burma, Ma Think Khing came to the Mae Tao Clinic with her father. She has been referred to the Burma Adult Medical Fund and we are seeking funding for her treatment.

Name: Ma Wint War Thaw
Age: 18
Condition: Anterio Venous Malformation
Estimated cost: 300,000 Thai baht (US$10,010/AU$10,260/€7,265/£6,370)
Details: Ma Wint War Thaw came to the Mae Tao Clinic in May 2010 with her mother and father. They sold their house in Burma to get treatment for their daughter who is studying mathamatics at university in Burma. When Ma Wint War Thaw was fourteen, she collapsed at school suffering from an intercerebral bleed. She has been diagnosed with an anterio venous malformation (AVM) in her brain. She went to Chiang Mai to see a specialist in July 2010 with the Burma Adult Medical Fund (BAMF). In order for Ma Wint War Thaw to undergo treatment for her condition, BAMF need to make arrangements for her to see a team of neurosurgeons in Bangkok. She has an appointment for radiation therapy in Bangkok in November 2010. BAMF require urgent funding to give Ma Wint War Thaw the specialised treatment she desperately needs.

Name: Ma Kyi Aung
Age: 19
Condition: Pituitary dysfunction
Donor: Urgently needed!
Estimated cost: 150,000 Thai baht (US$5,015/AU$5,100/€3,600/£3,200)
Details: Ma Kyi Aung was born prematurely. When she was 1, her parents left her with her grandparents and went to Bangkok to find work. They never returned. When she was 17 years old she started to eat and sleep a lot and she stopped going to school as she was no longer motivated to attend. She had started to grow very tall and put on extra weight.  Her family thought her body was changing because she was eating so much. Her face had also started to change. Prior to this sudden change, she was an average-sized girl. Ma Kyi Aung was diagnosed with a pituitary gland dysfunction and has been traveling to Chiang Mai with the Burma Adult Medical Fund (BAMF) for treatment.