BCMF 2013 Evaluation Report

BCMF has recently completed its latest evaluation report discussing the program’s achievements, challenges, and lessons learned. The evaluation report also presents a number of performance indicators BCMF has established in order to track the program’s progress and determine the effectiveness of its work. These indicators allow BCMF to provide regular program progress information to donors, to make appropriate program decisions, and to collect sufficient information to enable BCMF to assess and report on project outcomes and impacts.

BCMF 2012-2013_Evaluation Report


2013 Quarterly Report (April-June)

2013 Second Quarterly Report ImageDear friends,

BCMF continues to be busy in the second quarter of 2013. We have enrolled 46 new patients into our program.

Also in June, the Bangkok Post published an article written by two of our BCMF staff detailing the critical condition of the Burmese health care system. The article can be found here. The article demonstrates how our patients’ perspectives provide valuable insight into the challenges facing the Burmese healthcare system and illuminate many of the barriers still faced today by its citizens in need of medical care.

Read our second quarterly report to find out more about our patients we have treated this quarter.


2013 Quarterly Report (January-March)

2013 First Quarterly Report Image

Dear friends,

BCMF had a busy start to 2013 with patient registration into the program reaching unprecedented numbers. From January to March we enrolled 77 new patients into the program, up from 41 in the last quarter of 2012.

We believe that the increase in patient enrollment is due in part to the increased freedom of movement that has occurred because of the recent political reforms in Burma.  This increased freedom of movement has occurred both within Karen State and on the Thai-Burma border.

Read our first quarterly report to find out more about patients we have treated and the expected challenges for 2013.


2012 Annual Report

2012 annual reportBCMF is launching our 2012 Annual Report this week, and as we reflect on 2012 and the highlights and challenges that were, we also now look to 2013 and the challenges and achievements that the year has already brought, as well as the rest of the year ahead.

In 2012, the number of patients treated was a major highlight for BCMF, and we were delighted to see the completion of treatment for two of our long-time patients Saw Pwel  (pictured below) and Naut Naut (whose stories are highlighted in the report).

BCMF again saw an increase in our caseload in 2012, with 189 patients registered on the program – up 17% from 2011 (162  patients) and 49% since 2010 (127 patients).  We anticipate that in 2013 this increase will accelerate further, in part due to the increased mobility the changing political situation has given people in Burma – they can now travel with greater ease to the Thai-Burma border to seek treatment not available in Burma.

Already in 2013 we have seen unprecedented numbers of patients registered in the program, 77 alone in the first quarter of 2013 (up from 41 in the last quarter of 2012).  If this rate of intake is maintained BCMF is facing a most significant increase in our caseload and will need to meet these challenges in 2013

We look forward to the year ahead and the many highlights and challenges our work here at BCMF always entails.  With the support of so many, both locally and internationally, we are confident we can meet the needs of our patients and the expected increased caseload for 2013.

View the Burma Children Medical Fund Annual Report 2012 here

For a hard copy of the report please contact jacqui@burmachildren.com